In 1957 Julio Aguirre Iglesias fulfilled one of his lifelong dreams when he built the first sardine processing plant, Negocios Internacionales S.A. Since then, NIRSA has maintained its place as leader in the market due to its constant technological advances and support of its people.

Eleven years later, in 1986, NIRSA starts production in Guayaquil, originally focusing on canned sardines.

Six years down the line, NIRSA includes fish oil and fishmeal to their product list in their plant located at the fishing port of Posorja.

By 1978, with a new development program underway, NIRSA starts construction on a new plant in order to transfer their operations to the fishing port of Posorja. A year later, having met their goal, operations in Guayaquil ceased.

In 1981 a shrimp farming operation begins. Within two years NIRSA had a packing plant that dealt with both their REAL brand and private label, exporting products to Europe and the U.S.

In 1986 a laboratory for the production of shrimp larvae was set up in San Pablo, Guayas. This was done in order to supply their pools, and be sold in local and foreign markets.

Staying on this path of constant growth, by 1988, they had a tuna processing plant. This plant nowadays has two simultaneous disembarking docks. The plant's freezers have the capability to store 12,000 MT of tuna below 20 degrees (C°).

NIRSA works with a daily average of 300 MT that is estimated to reach 350 MT in a near future, which the plant is fully prepared for. By the end of November 2003 the plant started packaging tuna in pouches, to be sold in Ecuador, the United States, and Europe