Without a doubt NIRSA stands out in its field because of their impressive and fully equipped production plant. The plant is located in Posorja, where over 9.000 employees from different parts of the country, in this plant we process tuna, sardines, shrimp, fish oil and fishmeal under strict and thorough hygiene and quality controls.

In addition to its modern infrastructure, the plant has its own fishing fleet that is individually equipped with refrigeration and freezing equipment so can the product in excellent conditions.

The tuna plant receives product not only from its own fleet but from other fishing ships, they are inspected by the Quality Control Department before and during the unloading process. If the product doesn’t meet the company’s standards, this is automatically rejected. Once the fish passes inspection it’s classified by size and species for traceability.

The product is then transported to refrigerated rooms that currently have a storage capacity of 12,000 MT. Afterwards it’s cooked, cleaned, canned, and sterilized to guarantee a longer shelf life and higher product quality. Tuna is sold in different presentations: water, oil, and salads. It’s also packaged as precooked or frozen vacuum sealed filets.

Sardines are unloaded from the plant’s fleet and other fishing ships. Once the fish is approved by the Quality Control Department, it’s placed in cement tanks with a Refrigerated Sea Water (RSW) system that maintains the temperature below zero until it’s ready to go to the productions lines. In the same manner as with tuna, it’s canned for local distribution under the Real brand. Sardines have three presentations: in oil, in tomato sauce, and with assorted vegetables.

NIRSA also owns a Shrimp packing plant. Shrimp is sold both locally and internationally, with different product options: head on shell on (HOSO) or headless shell on (HLSO), as well as value added like breaded, seasoned with garlic, and bruschetta etc...

Thanks to its infrastructure, NIRSA can provide prime raw material to their fish oil and fishmeal plants. These products, like the rest we produce, are distributed to different markets worldwide.